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WRITIN-RETREAT-PICTUREThe first time I taught a creative writing class I was petrified.  OK I’d written a book and it was published. I’d been to a lot of creative writing classes and done an MA, with all the attendant seminars. But nobody had ever been stupid enough to put me in charge before. I was certain I would be found out as an imposter within seconds.  However, I got through it, and I wasn’t pelted with eggs or chased through the streets. I thought I’d give it another go.

I’d probably been teaching a regular weekly class for a couple of years before I stopped being terrified. People tell me I seem calm as a teacher, confident even. Well, I don’t know about that, but I no longer panic for days before every class any more.

I have worked with many groups of people and in many environments. I teach a regular weekly class, have worked with a young writer’s group, taught on residential courses and led one-off workshops. I enjoy working with people as they discover the sort of writer they want to be, exploring their blocks and helping them to release their own flow of creativity. As a writing teacher I see myself as a motivator and enabler, helping people to find the tools they need and encouraging them to use them to reach their personal goals, whatever they may be.

I can offer workshops for adults or teens on:

  • Creative writing
  • All aspects of fiction writing
  • Walking and writing
  • Poetry
  • Creativity
  • The Artist’s Way

If you are interested in something specific, please contact me to arrange the workshop which suits you.

Some things people have said about my workshops:

I want to say thank you for running the novel writing course. It brought the idea of writing one down from the realms of fantasy to possibility.
Student on WEA Novel in a Year

We certainly enjoyed it – several people were saying afterwards that they’d love you to come again!
Phoenix Writers

Having studied Creative Writing in University and community settings and at Arvon, I consider it to be the best tuition in this subject I have received yet.
Student on WEA Residential

I accessed parts of myself today that I didn’t even know were there.
Student, Berwick upon Tweed