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January Write!
Online Writing Course

Have you always wanted to write but never got round to it? Do you write occasionally but want to make it a more regular part of your life? Would you just like to try a new way of stretching your creative muscles this January?

Open to writers of all abilities and experience, including absolute beginners, this month-long course will get you writing every day, getting those creative juices flowing at the beginning of a new year. Every day you will receive an email which will include a writing prompt, as well as notes and links to examples of fiction, creative non-fiction or poetry. The writing exercises will be small and manageable – starting with only five minutes a day and gradually building up through the month to thirty minutes by the end. You will be invited to complete your own writing project as well as having a go at some one-off exercises.

The course starts on 1st January and finishes on 31st January. There will be a closed facebook group where you can chat with other group members and share your work if you want to, though there is no obligation to do that. I will hold a writing surgery once a week on the facebook group page where you can ask about things that have arisen during your week of writing.


How the Course Works

Every day in January you will receive an email with that day’s writing task, as well as notes on the task and links to relevant examples. You can complete the course on your own by working through these exercises if you wish, and there is no pressure to share your work. However, if you would like to interact with your fellow course members, there will be a closed facebook group where you can chat, share writing experiences and also share work if you want to. I will hold a surgery once a week for one hour if you want to ask me specific questions about your writing, and I will also drop into the group regularly. The facebook group will be moderated by myself, and group members will be expected to be supportive, constructive and encouraging.


Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anyone who would like to establish a creative writing practice. It might be the first time you have ever tried writing creatively, or you may have experience, but would like a new year boost. During the course you will have a go at writing fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, and for your own project you will be able to focus on one of these genres of your choosing. The exercises are all short so the course can be fitted into a busy life.


Course fees

The course costs £45 for the month, or £25 for those on low income. Please decide for yourself which of these payment options is relevant for you.


To book a place

Go to PayPal and make the relevant payment to info@annachilvers.co.uk . Please add a note giving the email address you will be using for the course. (If you don’t use PayPal please email me at the address above and we can make other arrangements).


I will email you confirming your place and sending you further information.